1. What does Kosk means?

Kosk means Waterfall. Our brand is inspired by the power and stories of Jägala Waterfall. Also, most of our herbs come from the wild nature around the waterfall.

  1. What does Kosk stand for?

Kosk stands for sustainable and regenerative living and business.

  1. What is Botanical Bitter?

Kosk Botanical Bitter is non-alcoholic alternative to strong alcohol, an excellent base for cocktails (see also cocktail recipes).

  1. Are food supplements registered?

Depending on the law of the sales point, usually all food supplements must undergo risk evaluation and registering by the state food and drug authorities.

  1. How do Kosk botanical bitters compare to competitors?

Kosk Bitters are free from preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, there is no added sugar and they are rich in vitamin C.

  1. What makes Kosk food supplements special?

Kosk supplements are liquid, fast absorbing products with their full functionality. Supplements are free from fillers, coatings, food colourings, preservatives, sweeteners and flavourings, gluten and lactose. You only consume natural ingredients and functional bioactive compounds.

  1. Where can I find products near me?

The most secure way is to check our online shop. We deliver worldwide. A store finder will be available soon.

  1. Are products safe to consume?

Yes, all products have undergone food safety risk assessment, tested in the laboratory and the factory operates according to the BRC principles (The BRC Global Standard for the Food Safety, the largest food safety standard, ensuring that products delivered are safe, legal and high quality). We are food safety and quality professionals whit 25 years of experience at the corporate level.